Sweatband inserts

  • Individually adaptable
  • Wearer comfort
  • Simple handling
Pleuser Safety Sweatbands

Our sweatband inserts are individually adapted to suit your requirements for your specific working helmet, ensuring a perfect fit. Superior wearer comfort and effective perspiration absorbency are the primary features of this product. Adaptation to a specific working helmet means that fitting and removal of the headband is simple and rapid. This enhances the level of hygiene enjoyed by the wearer.

We can supply these articles in a variety of qualities and at different prices. Various products can also be supplied to comply with DIN 4840 or EN 397. See Material characteristics for further information.

We can, of course, utilise a variety of other materials, including real leather produced through purely natural tanning or synthetic leather and foams. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We will be more than happy to prepare an offer to suit your requirements.

We can provide suitable sweatbands and fixing techniques for the most varied helmet types. You can choose the design best suited to your product. See also Self-adhesive headbands and Falt-Fix.