Pleuser® Peaks for caps

Pleuser® Peaks for caps

Peaks for uniform/casual caps We produce peaks for uniform caps from many countries. They can also be used for casual men's, ladies', children's, sports caps and so on.


We have approximately 2.000 forms for the production of peaks at our disposal. We can also offer new forms in accordance with the wishes of our customers.


We produce the peaks of the caps in different designs always in top quality. We use different materials, which have proved themselves over the years.

Depending on the most different materials peaks of the caps can be produced in a harder or softer version. The thickness can also be veried in accordance with the needs.
Making use of different combination possibilities the peaks obtain desirable charakteristics, for instance special

  • lightness or hardness,
  • flexibility or colour,
  • reasonable costs,
  • high qualitiy material, etc.

From this the famous Cornit, Rekord, Ubia, Saled peaks and other variations of material result.


We offer the peaks with the border in different designs. Taking account of the technological possibilities, all common designs are available,- sewed, knurled or embossed.

Projecting cushion Peaks with projekting cushion and/or underlay are available as well.

Embroidered peaks

Peaks with embroideries in different designs are also available.