• Innovative, no sticking or hooking
  • High degree of wearer comfort
  • Practical folding system
  • Easily replaceable
Pleuser Safety Falt-Fix

Falt-Fix is an innovative product developed by Vabon Safety Products. Fitting and replacement of the sweatband in headgear is easy and uncomplicated. Fixing is achieved with a folding system which dispenses with adhesive film or hook mechanisms. Easy replacement means that the headband contributes to helmet hygiene.

Customers can choose the sweatband surface they desire. We select superior materials which ensure a high degree of wearer comfort and maximum perspiration absorbency.

Different surface materials are available to meet customer requirements, including terry cloth, microfibre, NomazSoft, synthetic leather made of polyurethane and many others. All materials can, if desired, be imbued with flame-retardant properties. See Material characteristics for further information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We will be more than happy to prepare an offer to suit your requirements. We will also be delighted to send you fitting instructions for Falt-Fix should you so wish.

We can provide suitable sweatbands and fixing techniques for the most varied helmet types. You can choose the design best suited to your product. See also Sweatband inserts and Self-adhesive headbands.