Material characteristics

Material characteristics

We can manufacture our products to meet customer requirements, utilising a variety of materials such as leather, synthetic leather, microfibre, terry cloth, foam and many others. All materials can, if desired, be imbued with flame-retardant properties. The following is a list of a few of our materials and their properties:

Pleuser Safety Materialien

Product description of Nomaz 90 Original (dermatologically tested) and EWD

  • washable
  • allergy inhibiting
  • extreme perspiration absorbency
  • soft and supple, even in cold temperatures
  • extremely pleasant to wear next to the skin
  • use of solvents minimised in production
  • high tear strength
  • high abrasion resistance

Various articles can also be supplied to comply with DIN 4840 or EN 397.

Sweatbands supplied by us meet the legal requirements governing PCP and AZO. Our sweatbands do not contain any substances known to us which could be detrimental to health. These details of the raw materials employed are provided by the manufacturers and are therefore non-binding.