Hat leather

Hat leather

We produce hat leather in accordance with the needs of our customers. Vegetable-tanned cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, pigskins and calfskins are available among other kinds of leather.

Pleuser Hat & Cap Hat leather

All widths (given in ´´´[lines] or mm) are available. We produce pieces of leather in standard lengths of 60cm and 65cm, -also in other lenghs if needed, - in different cuts and with perforation in different sizes for the better ventilation.

Different standard colours are available, - black, light and dark brown, beige, gray, white and natural-coloured - and other colours if needed, taking account of technical aspects.

There are different kinds of pipings to choose from according to your wishes,- textile, plastic, profile pipings etc.

The hat leather can be provided with an embossing (e.g. company letter heading), - in golden, silver, black and other colours.

The synthetic hat leathers are available made of different materials based on leather or synthetic fibre in accordance with the desirable charakteristics and possibilities mentioned above.

Forehead leathers are available in different forms and materials (see above); in different colours.