Our company is one of the leading producers of special labels for libraries for the outside and inside lettering of books and archives.  The innovative development, which started with the first Pleuser-Labels in a pilot project at the Land Library of Baden in Karlsruhe, is the basis of our top products. Today we can offer quite a variety of high quality special labels. Our objective is to take an active part in the designing and development of book labels as the most important instrument for registration and cataloguing of books in libraries and to develop new possible applications in different spheres (CD, DVD, slides etc.).

For the computer registration and cataloguing of existing books and new purchases the Pleuser-Labels provide the high quality label material for books and archives which can be used for different purposes and in different standards, as well as other products connected with the usage of Pleuser labels. Our competent team will consult you in detail about the usage of the Pleuser labels in your library giving advice about the individual design and print-out of the labels. Please contact us for detailed information and samples.