Pleuser-Labels were developed specially for the outside and inside lettering of books and archives. They meet the modern requirements of libraries. By now many libraries in Germany and abroad use successfully Pleuser-Labels for the lettering of their books.

Paper / Adhesive

Our special labels for outside and inside lettering of books and archives have a plastisizer resistant paper, plastisizer-free adhesive and are pH-neutral. The high ageing-resistance of paper, adhesive and paint were tested at the Institute for Paper Production of the Technical University Darmstadt, as well as the resistance to disacidifying was tested by the Batelle Institute in Eschborn.

Paper Surface

We produce the labels in different surface standards: with paper surface for the lettering with dot matrix and laser printer, typewriter and manual lettering, and with super glazed surface for lettering with thermal transfer printer. 

Guaranteed Adhesion

The labels stick to all common book bindings and many other materials. In special cases the labels can be easily ironed to achieve an optimal connection of the self-interlacing adhesive and the binding.
The adhesive has a prolonged phase of initial adhesion, so that at the beginning a wrong placing can be easily corrected. After some hours the adhesive has interlaced itself with the book binding, so that the label has to be destroyed if you want to remove it. Herewith Pleuser-Labels offer also an up-to-date protection against theft and manipulation, which have become an important topic in the meantime.